Some undead dwarf miners

A recent D&D 5e campaign brought my players to an old Dwarven mine that has fallen into dark times, and is now crawling with undead former Dwarf miners… As I could not find images I was happy with, I drew a few tokens.

Dwarf Skeleton Miner

Dwarf skeleton miner

Basically a Skeleton souped-up to CR 1/2. I gave them 26 HP, a STR of 14, a Pickaxe instead of a Short Sword, and an ability, Phalanx Formation, modeled after the Thug’s Pack Tactics.

Dwarf Skeleton Quartermaster

Dwarf skeleton quartermaster

A Skeleton Miner souped up to CR 2, with a STR of 17, and INT of 8, and 39 HP, with Crew Leadershiop, modeled after the Leadership from the Hobgoblin Warlord, and a Fire in the Hole! action, attacking with Alchemist’s Fire.

Dwarf Undead Warlock

Dwarf undead priest

Re-skinned Deathlock.

Dwarf Undead Drill Miner

Dwarf undead drill miner

Re-skinned Duergar Screamer.